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Reira Eco Ventures

REIRA Eco Ventures (REV) was created to bring all synergetic activities of theREIRA Group under one umbrella. The different activities all sharing a synergy with each other, namely Aquaculture, Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Rain Water Harvesting, Waste Management and Livestock Farming are currently what REV involves itself in. Employing modern techniques and a scientific approach REIRA Eco Ventures has numerous projects in organic farming.

In the state of Goa over the years one has witnessed a steady shift from agriculture as a means of occupation to various other sectors therefore Goa has a large number of fertile fields which lie under utilised all through the year. One of the company’s Agro projects involves cultivation of organic produce in fallow fields. REIRA has formed a self help group of various owners and has provided the necessary input, both material and intellectual, required improving the productivity of the fields. Through this venture the company aims to promote community farming and boost agricultural output in Goa. As an endeavour to be part of the growing movement to provide the energy needs of the nation REIRA Eco Ventures plans to eventually venture into the alternative energy / green fuels sector.

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