Role Reversal Day at Reira Group

To get a better understanding of the daily challenges and acknowledge the efforts put in by the employees, the Reira Group organized ‘ Role Reversal Day’ where all the directors and executives of the company switched roles with the non-executive staff for a day. While the executives dispensed fuel at the Reira Petrol Station in Calangute and served customers at Café de Goa, the non executive staff were given a treat day; first a buffet lunch followed by popcorn and movie at INOX.

The Role Reversal Day began with the staff training the Executives and explaining their duties. At 11.00 there was a total switchover and all the workers from all the various Reira Group companies and divisions were bused to have a delicious lunch. The most visible activity was at the Reira petrol station in Calangute, which was solely handled by the directors, managers and executives of the company. Many of the regular customers were surprised to find the directors and executives filling fuel or directing traffic. The customers were also given a discount coupon usable at the Reira’s Café de Goa and a chocolate. On the coupon was an explanation of the ‘Role Reversal Day’.

Speaking about this initiative, Mr. Bryce Braganza, Manager of the Petrol Station said, “management wants staff to constantly better performances and achieve targets, without having a grip on the reality of the workplaces. This Role Reversal Day is held to allow our employees to have a day off while executives step in their shoes and understand what their daily work experience is like.”

One of the Customers also said,’ (that) is a very innovative and a fantastic idea as it shows that the company cares about the employees’. Another liked the idea and was suggesting ‘that it be done regularly as the management gets to interact with the customers’. An executive strutting the Role Reversal logo on his T-Shirt was overheard saying ‘that we should have this more often…’ and was suggesting it be held every month.